Ecotech Services carries out a degree of in-house auditing of our recycling services and we are working towards formal external auditing.   Our efforts are currently put into making our recycling systems better than the New Zealand industry average, but we are mindful of the imperative to remain commercially viable.

At present we only weigh incoming  recyclables if needed for pricing purposes.  We weigh all outgoing recyclable material.   The nature of our operation means that discharges to air, groundwater, and to land are so minuscule or non-existent that we cannot warrant the auditing of it. Where possible, items are repaired or refurbished, and therefore removed from the waste stream.

Since preventing e-waste from going to landfill is an improvement over the status quo and the fact that recycling is our least preferred outcome, our clients can be assured that the lack of a formal auditing system is more than offset by our policies and procedures.

An important driver for trying to do things right is to have a strong environmental ethic, and we believe that such an ethic exists here at Ecotech Services.  Our in-house environmental policy illustrates the commitment we have to this ethic.