A new old phone

My phone started playing up earlier this week.  Every time I tried to make a call or check my voice mail the phone would shut down.  As a good technician I did some basic tests.  I tried rebooting it (removing the battery) and  I gave the battery a good charge up.  None of it helped.  It was almost as if the transmitter output stage had a short and when it powered up it caused an internal supply voltage to dip below the reliable operating voltage.  Anyway, as much as I  would like to repair it and discover the failure mode I decided to replace it.

It so happened that my partner, my one and only, and my favourite person at the moment (actually these are all the same person and I think that those descriptions have applied for quite some time!) had a spare smartphone.  She was only using it as an alarm clock.  Gee!  And I was only recently blogging about consumption!

So I now use a smartphone to take my calls.  I am glad that at least my phone is smart!  Maybe it help me get through the day a little easier?

The old phone will go off to the Starship Foundation mobile phone recycling programme, a worthwhile cause for many good reasons.

a lot of mobile phones

The swirling tide of discarded mobile phones.
Image: Huffington Post

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