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I am a bit pedantic about words and I sometimes find the English language a bit messy and illogical.  Anyway, I was compiling a glossary in our knowledge base for the work that we do and I remembered that there … Continue reading

McDonald’s Princess Bubblegum Happymeal toy and e-waste

This is a packet from a McDonald’s Princess Bubblegum Happymeal toy: It had blown off the street into our driveway. The bag is made in China, the contents are made in Vietnam, and it is distributed in New Zealand and … Continue reading

Global e-waste flows

E-waste processing is shifting polluting industries from the developed to the developing world, as illustrated by this infographic from Nature.  This has been happening for a number of decades (and credit goes to BAN and others in bringing it to … Continue reading

Brexit and green electronics

In a referendum on 23 June 2016 the voting public of the UK chose to leave the EU with 52% wanting to leave and 48% wanting to remain.  This will possibly have implications on addressing the many negative environmental and … Continue reading

Poor quality Ozito cordless drill charger

An Ozito OZCD12V1A cordless drill came in to us for recycling and it looked like it had hardly been used.  Rather than recycling it I thought it might be a good candidate for repurposing or rehashing with different batteries. On … Continue reading

E-waste and e-scrap

Here at Ecotech Services we have blogged a lot about e-waste and we have got some info pages about it.  Our mission is actually to turn all e-waste into e-scrap.  E-scrap is the stuff that is recycled and e-waste goes … Continue reading

Robots and e-waste

Robots are used a lot in manufacturing and I have been thinking about using them for e-waste processing.  In most cases it is not a goer because set up costs are too high and the volumes are too small, but … Continue reading

A lot of packaging for a small screw

I was sorting a consignment of recycling in one of our e-crates when I came across this: So here we have an M2x3 mm screw with part number DP/N OHCN8P or SG-OHCN8P-M0287-27C-1TRF REV A00. And it is quite a lot … Continue reading

Climate change and e-waste

The COP21 climate change conference is currently in progress.  While the major focus of climate change is around the use of fossil fuels there are other aspects that are drivers of climate change. One of these is waste. Ecotech Services … Continue reading

E-waste and volcanoes

Here is another cartoon from Alex Hallatt’s Arctic Circle that is related to the work we do. Feel free to share this . . .